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Find details of Anne Ortlund's Personal Notebook from her book here

Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund, Sr.

Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund, pastor to pastors and churches around the world, died on Sunday night, July 22, of pulmonary fibrosis, at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. “Pastor Ray”, well known former speaker of the “Haven of Rest” worldwide radio broadcast, pastor for over 40 years of four churches in the US, and head of Renewal Ministries to pastors for the last 25 years, leaves behind hundreds of thousands who knew him as beloved pastor and friend. Born to Swedish Americans in Des Moines, Iowa, Ray served in the US Navy in WWII, and married the very gifted Elizabeth Anne Sweet in 1946. Having graduated from Princeton Seminary in 1948, Ray pastored Presbyterian churches in Pennsylvania and New York. Then in 1959 he and Anne began a 20 year ministry at Lake Avenue Congregational Church, in Pasadena, while also broadcasting weekly on KRLA radio, and seeing the church grow to over 5000 members. During those years Ray and Anne’s world vision also took them as short term pastors/missionaries to London, England and Kabul, Afghanistan. Talbot Theological Seminary honored Ray with a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1969. Dr. Ortlund also served briefly as Teaching Pastor at Mariners Church in Newport Beach. He also served for years on the Board of Trustees of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, on the Boards of Missionary Aviation, Overseas Missionary Crusades, Missionary Broadcasting and others. A pivotal point in Dr. Ortlund’s ministry came in 1966 when he published his first book, Lord, Make My Life a Miracle! His call to love Christ, love other believers and love the world, together with over 35 years of local, national and international radio speaking and traveling, and including writing together over 20 books, made he and Anne the “pastors of love” to thousands of pastors and millions of Christians around the world. For the last 25 years they have crisscrossed the globe from Istanbul, Turkey, to Kato, Japan, from New Delhi, India to Lima, Peru, ministering in nearly every state of the union and on every continent in the world with the message of Christ’s love. Over those same years Ray and Anne have both dedicated themselves to meeting weekly with individual pastors and small groups of young Christians “discipling” them to follow Jesus personally. Through sixty one years together Ray and Anne have also produced a huge family of adoring offspring! Ray leaves behind his wife, Anne, to carry on Renewal Ministries. Also, Sherry and Pastor Walt Harrah, Margie and Pastor John McClure, Pastor (Dr.) Ray Jr. and Jani Ortlund, and Detective Sergeant Nels and Heather Ortlund, have combined to give them 13 grandchildren (several pastors!) and 19 great-grandchildren all of whom see Pastor Ray as their inspiration to “love Christ” as he has! Dr. Ortlund also leaves behind four older siblings, Pastor Don Ortlund, Bob Ortlund, Jean Shattuck and Charlotte Vetter. Amazingly, Ray closed his life much like the biblical Jacob. At 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning he called for Anne and his children, gave each a personal encouragement, sang, prayed, give his final benediction and over his children, and died shortly after. No question, for 84 years, Ray Ortlund was one of those rare, wonderful “bright lights” that every one cherishes meeting. What made him so special? Wherever Ray went he brought an unforgettable smile of hope, joy, infectious laughter, and irresistible Christ-like love that inspired and enriched whomever he touched.

Ray's letter to his family

At the time of Ray’s homegoing our son Ray, Jr., was going through his dad’s desk and found this remarkable letter. Ray had written it in January 2000, to be read to his family after his death. The children have agreed to my letting you read it, too. Anne

Read Ray's Letter here!

Board of Directors

Dan and Lisa Grable

Dan and Lisa have been involved with Renewal Ministries since 2003. In 2003-2004 the Grables were discipled by Ray and Anne. During that year the Lord grew their hearts for discipleship and both have been leading small groups ever since. Dan is the financial industry in Newport Beach, Lisa is busy at home and volunteers her time with a few local ministries. The Grables have three children, Ryan, Blake and Lauren and attend RockHarbor Church in Costa Mesa. The Grables joined the Board in 2007.

Michael and Sarah Larsen

Michael and Sarah have been involved with Renewal Ministries since 2002. In 2002-2003 the Larsens were discipled by Ray and Anne and since then have enjoyed leading discipleship groups of their own. They have also enjoyed discipling newly married couples since 2001. Michael is a Vice President with Research Affiliates, an investment management firm in Newport Beach. Sarah is busy at home and volunteers her time at their church as a supervisor and trainer to lay counselors. The Larsens have three children, Caroline, Andrew and Peter, and attend RockHarbor Church in Costa Mesa. Michael and Sarah joined the Board in 2007.

Vince and Kristen McGuinness

Vince and Kristen have been involved with Renewal Ministries since 2004. Kristen was discipled by one of Anne's "spiritual children" and Vince was blessed to be in Ray's most recent small group in 2006-2007. Both Vince and Kristen have been leading small groups since. Vince is in the estate development industry and Kristen keeps very busy with 4 children, Nick, Kennedy, Joey and William, and volunteering her time at school and various local ministries and charities. The McGuinness family attends Mariners church. Vince and Kristen joined the Board in 2007.

Walt and Sherry Harrah

Ray and Anne's eldest child, Sherry, and her husband Walt are non-voting representatives of the Renewal Ministries' Board. They attend each meeting as representatives of the Ortlund family and contribute valuable persepective, ideas, and insight throughout the meetings.

Turn a corner

June 8, 2009

Your personal renewal is a gift to you from the Holy Spirit (Tit. 3:5,6), but you don’t have to receive it! Many Christians never do. The greatest opposition to your own renewal is you. Remember the cartoon character Pogo? With his paper hat and his cardboard sword he announces to his fellow soldiers, “We have found the enemy, and they is us!” “The flesh wars against the Spirit,” says Galatians 5:17.

But here’s the hitch: You can expect renewal or judgment. God loves you too much to let you get by with coldness, staleness, apathy, distance. Only a careless God would let you go on without disciplining you. He has greater purposes than to get you to heaven; He wants to get heaven to you! He has greater plans than to bring His sons to glory; He wants to bring glory to His sons! Think about the writers of God’s holy Scriptures: John Mark had gone AWOL from a mission trip, but God disciplined him and brought him back. That’s renewal. Peter had denied his Lord three times. But after his thorough repentance he became a leader of the early church. That’s renewal. Christian Ugandan Festo Kevengere in 1977 had to flee with his family bare-footed over mountains to save their lives from cruel Idi Amin. He says, “Mari and I were strangled with bitterness…. I was no longer protesting Amin’s actions, I was joining him in hatred.” But in a London church service, Festo heard a sermon on “Father, forgive them…”. It changed his heart. He became one of the world’s great Christian leaders and wrote the book, I Love Idi Amin.

That’s renewal. Oh, let your heart break because of your lethargy and sameness! It’s time to repent, to be broken again, to be re-filled with His Spirit. Bow before Him now. Turn a corner.

About us

Anne Ortlund

Daughter of a U.S. Army General, Anne's ministry includes speaking at women's retreats, home gatherings, disciples' group, and mentoring one-on-one. She and her late husband, Ray, would often speak side-by-side at conferences both locally and worldwide. Anne was for fifteen years the organist of Dr. Charles E. Fuller's international radio broadcasts. Her hymn "Macedonia" was chosen to be the theme hymn of Dr. Billy Graham's World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin. Between the two of them, Ray and Anne have written over 26 books that have impacted the lives of many all around the world. Anne has two daughters and two sons, all grown. Their family is continuing to grow with 15 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

Walt and Sherry Harrah

Ray and Anne's firstborn, Sherry, is married to Walt Harrah who sings, produces and writes Christian music. Sherry has a love for God’s word, and each year disciples younger women (I wonder where she learned that!). Walt and Sherry are very active in their church and host a group - generally young students - in their home on a consistent basis. Sherry is under the umbrella of Renewal Ministries and enjoys speaking at various women's conferences and gatherings both nationally and worldwide. The Harrahs have two daughters and a son, as well as three grandchildren. They enjoy that they all live close to one another throughout Orange County.

Ray, Jr. and Jani Ortlund

Jani is also under the umbrella of Renewal Ministries and is a well-known writer and conference speaker who loves spending her energies connecting women and their families with the Word of God. She is the wife of Dr. Raymond Ortlund, Jr., pastor, author, and former seminary professor. Jani, a former schoolteacher, and holds a master’s degree in education. Jani is the author two books, Fearlessly Feminine and His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy. The Ortlunds have four grown children and two grandchildren. Ray and Jani live in Tennessee.


Discipling Tip of the Week

June 8, 2009

This is your final “Tip” until September 7, assuming your group ends and you each spend the summer praying over and selecting who will be your disciples for next September-to-June. Multiply by dividing! You may want a final reunion in about October to be accountable in reporting on your new groups!

Maybe you’ll like to pass out to each disciple copies of this self-testing sheet:

A. Ahead of meeting time I prepared myself by: 1. Praying I would come spiritually ready; 2. Choosing what to share: what contribution of mine would be of greatest benefit to the others. (1 Co. 14:26)

B. Concerning meeting time itself: 1. I was present every time, except for very high-priority excuses which I made known ahead of meeting time. 2. I was on time every time. 3. In sharing I was not self-centered but others-centered - as proved by the fact that: a. More often than not, the situations I shared were representative of common problems, so that solutions suggested to me might also help others; b. More often than not, I lifted the group by being positive and encouraging; (Eph. 5:18-20) c. More often than not, my sharing was deliberately time-conscious; d. More often than not, I weighed first whether to speak, equalizing my amount of sharing with the others. (Eph. 5:21)

C. During the weeks I prayed for each group member.

D. During our total span of time together I interacted with each member, one to one, at least once.

E. I have deliberately “put feet” to my prayer requests by: 1. Witnessing to the unsaved for whom I requested prayer; 2. Coming to each meeting prepared to follow up with reports on previous requests.

F. I have taken others’ prayer requests seriously by: 1. Checking up on them where they asked to be held accountable; 2. Including their requests in my prayer times.

G . Now that our group sessions are ending, I will: 1. Evaluate what needs/prayer requests seem now resolved/answered, and consider how not to lose track of something in my life still pending; a. Ask one member of the group to continue praying for this? b. Next group I’m in might take it up? Or ?? 2. Categorize and file what I’ve learned so that I might pass it on in the future; 3. Ask God for those He would next have me disciple, and when; make specific plans and dates; 4. Keep a special place in my heart for the members of this group!

Happy summer! Keep up your quiet times and your walk with the Lord. Get together sometimes one on one?

Discipling Outline

Suggestions for Discipling Curriculum

For those of you wondering if you can disciple your own group starting in the fall, here are suggested Bible studies to use or not to use.

God bless you!

Warning: Don't turn your meetings into Bible classes! Allow plenty of time for worship, sharing and prayer.

Sept., week 3: John 13:34, 35: “Love One Another” 1. “New command” because the old was Luke 10:27: “Love… as you love yourself.” New: “Love… as I [Jesus] have loved you”! 2. Four ways in John 13 we see He loves us and therefore how we are to love each other: a. With a selfless love (v.1: “The full extent….”) b. With a serving love (vss. 4,5). c. With an unconditional love (vss.6,7: “later,” after Peter’s denials, they’d be on the same old terms). d. With a responsible love (vs. 8: “Peter, I love you too much to let you stay dirty!”) 3. Our primary testimony to the world: vs. 35 [Optional: each member commits to loving each one in group with a selfless love, serving love, unconditional love, responsible love.]

Sept., week 4: Luke 10:27: “Your First Priority” 1. Discuss four ways we’re to love God (v. 27). 2. Among other things, this demands time. RCO: “There’s no way a believer can become godly without a daily quiet time.” 3. Go through an abbreviated Q.T. on the spot: a. As an example of Bible study, take Heb. 12:1-3. Each write answers to same questions Paul asked in Acts 22:8,10: “Who are you, Lord?” “What shall I do, Lord?” 2 min.: write what you learn about Him in Heb. 12:1-3. [Leader announce when time is up.] 2 min.: write what you see to obey in Heb. 12:1-3. [In daily Q.T.’s these 2 questions can be asked of any Scripture.] b. Prayer. As an example of a prayer outline, each write prayers in silence as leader announces time: 2 min.: A – adoration 2 min.: C – confession 2 min.: T – thanksgiving 2 min.: S – supplication (bold requests!) [Commitment: September to June members write their Q.T.’s every day? 5 times a week? Show each week for accountability? This puts “teeth” into your purpose to grow with Christ.]

October, week 1: “Three Priorities” 1. John 17, Jesus shows these are also His priorities: Vss. 1-5 Glory of Father, glory of Son Vss. 6-19 Wellbeing of believers (protection, joy, etc.) Vss. 20-26 “That the world may believe.., know.” Conclusion: Priority 1: Christ Priority 2: Body of Christ Priority 3: World Christ died to save 2. John 15, Jesus teaching disciples in upper room: Vss. 1-11: Priority One, “Abide in Me.” Vss. 12-17: Priority Two, “Love one another.” Vss. 18-27: Priorty Three, “Testify to the world.” [Discuss application of priorities to our lives.]

PRIORITY 1: Christ * Corporate worship * Personal quiet time * Living in His presence * Giving to Him

PRIORITY 2: The Body of Christ * Commitment to church – local and world wide * Small groups, discipling, etc. * Interceding in prayer for one another * Giving to one another

PRIORITY 3: The World Christ died to save * Excellence of life to represent Him well * Witnessing, missions * Praying for the unsaved * Giving to the needs of the world

If you each want to read through the Bible next year (strongly recommended) each may want to order Daily Walk (800-877-5539) for daily guide. Subscr. cost: $18 per year.)

October, week 2: Isaiah 40:9-26: “Priority One: God’s Greatness” 1. Vs. 9: Discuss ramifications of spreading the Word. 2. End of vs. 9: “Here is your God!” Vss. 10-28 describe this God: Vss 10,11: What’s He like? Vs. 12: How big is He? Vs. 12: How wise is He? Vs. 14: Who trumps Him? Vs. 15: Is He threatened by international politics? Vs. 16: Is our greatest offering good enough for Him? Vss. 17-20: Is anyone/anything able to rival Him? [Idol: anyone, anything we think about, work for, love more than God. Discuss.] Vs. 21: Are you beginning to get it? Hel-lo–? Vs. 22: Think about this. Then compare it with Eph. 2:6! Vss. 23, 24: Are we to fear the news of Iran, North Korea? Vss. 25, 26: Ray Ortlund, Jr.’s, book Isaiah, pp. 247, 248: “We today, with a scientific outlook, should be even more awestruck at the greatness of God displayed in the heavens. Here we are on tiny Planet Earth. The closest star to us is, of course, the sun. The sun generates energy with the same explosiveness as a hydrogen bomb – its own continuous internal nuclear fission. The surface of the sun is a relatively cool 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while the center is a toasty 27,000,000 degrees. The diameter of the sun is 870,000 miles, 109 times larger than the earth, and its volume could contain 1,000,000 earths. Its luminosity is equal to four million trillion 100-watt lightbulbs – more than you'll find even at Home Depot. And the sun is just an average star…. “But so what? Is all this just a big stunt? No. God wants us to see something about himself. The God who brings out their host by number every night, who calls them all by name so that not one of them is missing - this God has made a promise to us about this fifth-rate little world we live in. He has promised us himself in all his glory. Do you think this God deserves your confidence? Do you think this God who manages the universe, right down to the faintest star, will lose track of you? “In this passage Isaiah is speaking to people whose mood is like that of many today. They may say the right things, but deep inside they don’t really believe anymore – not with a faith that overcomes the world. They’re looking at things through their own eyes. So the promises of God do not put a spring in their step and a sparkle in their eye and steel in their backbone. Why? God just doesn’t look big enough for the risk-taking audacity of true faith. But God is inviting us to turn our perceptions around and see everything from his point of view. He understands that the struggle of faith is won or lost in the way we perceive reality. Yes, we are dwarfed by the creation; but the creation is dwarfed by God. See it that way. See him that way. When you feel threatened by world events and overwhelmed by your own problems, there’s another way to perceive it all. God is opening up to you a prophetic vision. And the Biblical gospel is his way of calling to us, ‘Behold your God!’ (Isaiah 40:9).” Vs. 27: Do we live with His attitude? Vs. 28: DUH! [Lingering prayer time of worship (on knees?)]

October, week 3: John 15:1-11: “Priority One: Abiding in Christ” If you’d like a short study on this, let Kayli at R.M. fax it to you or mail you a copy. Written by an “old great.” Rich! [If you’re going to teach Bible structure in November, each start now memorizing the books of the Bible.]

October, week 4: “Priority One: The ACTS of Prayer” 1. Adoration: Rev. 4 and 5 Man created in the image of God. “Image” means reflection. We were made to reflect God’s nature and character. Worshipping Him helps that happen. a. Scene of perfect worship in heaven. Who worships? Rev. 4:6-8, 9-11; 5:11,12; 5:13 finally whole universe! b. How do they worship? Intellectually (thoughtfully, with doctrine): 4:8 Emotionally: 5:12 “in a loud voice” Physically (use their bodies): 4:10, 5:8,14 c. “Most Americans tend to worship their work, work at their play, and play at their worship.” 2. Confession a. Confess your faith. (Discuss personal creeds. Must include “the gospel:” 1 Co. 15:1-4.) b. Confess your sins. Ps. 32:1-5. (Don’t let them stockpile; keep short accounts.) 3. Thanksgiving (follows forgiveness: 1 Jn. 1:9) a. Ps. 100:4 (gates, courts: His presence) b. 1 Th. 5:18 (what is “this”?) 4. Supplication Ray and Anne taking a walk; Ray: “Anne, I need to ask God for bigger things. Pray God will give me some new big things to ask Him!” a. Asking largely: 1 Chr. 4:10 b. Intercession for our lost world: Ge. 18:22-33 c. Intercession for authorities: 1 Ti. 2:1-4 d. Pray sometimes with intensity: Mt. 7:7 Ask: “Lord, I’d sure like….” Seek: “Lord, I really need….” Knock: “Lord! Please! Help!” Martin Luther once prayed, “Lord, if You don’t give me this, I’ll never trust You again!” God did. e. Praying continually: 1 Th. 5:17

November, week 1: “Crowns:” What God Rewards (To prepare to make personal goals from Jan. to June) 1. “Crown of righteousness,” 2 Ti. 4:8, for eagerly awaiting Christ’s return 2. “Crown of rejoicing,” 1 Th. 2:19,20, for soul winning 3. “Imperishable crown,” 1 Co. 9:24,27, for being disciplined 4. “Crown of life,” Jas. 1:12; Rev. 2:10, for persevering in suffering 5. “Crown of glory,” 1 Pe. 5:2-4, for discipling [By now each say memorized books of the Bible.]

November, week 2: Bible structure, Old Testament

November, week 3: Bible structure, New Testament. (If you locals need help on these two lessons, ask a discipler who teaches them to teach you, or let me know and I could hold a class. – Anne)

[4th week off for Thanksgiving? Otherwise review Bible structure, Q and A.]

December, week 1: Priority Two: Discuss Col. 3:8-17. Memorize Col. 3:17 If Daily Walks were individually ordered the first week of October, they should have arrived by now, to start reading Jan. 1. If not, check on 800-877-5539.

December, week 2: Priority Two: Marriage Discuss Eph. 5:18-33. Memorize Eph. 4:2. Homework: Bring 3 personal goals each next week, copies for each person, to be accomplished by final meeting in June. Measurable, attainable.

December, week 3: Luke 1, the Christmas Story 1. See how each character was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak: a. John the Baptist: Like 1:15. Became a life-long “voice”: 3:2-4 b. Mary, receiving the most remarkable “filling,” 1:35. Began to speak: 1:46-55. c. Elizabeth: 1:41. She spoke: 1:42-45. d. Zechariah: 67-79, “filled… and prophesied.” e. They are our examples: Eph. 5:18,19. 2. Go over six-month goals (Jan. – June). Make sure they’re measurable and attainable. Copies to each. If your group is individually reading through the Bible next year, using their new Daily Walk, instead of waiting until Jan. 1 they can get a head start after Christmas!

January, week 1, if far enough away from New Year’s Day; otherwise week 2: Priority Two: 13 ways New Testament tells us to communicate with each other 1. Suffering together, 1 Co. 12:26 2. Rejoicing together, 1 Co. 12:26 3. Bearing one another’s burdens, Gal. 6:2 4. Restoring one another, Gal. 6:1 5. Praying together, Ro. 15:30 6. Teaching and admonishing one another, Co. 3:16 7. Refreshing one another, Ro. 15:32 8. Encouraging each other, Ro. 1:12 9. Forgiving one another, Eph. 4:32 10. Confessing sins to one another, Jas. 5:16 11. Being truthful to one another, Eph. 4:25 12. Stimulating (inspiring) one another to good deeds, Heb. 10:24 13. Giving to one another, Php. 4:14,15 Question: Have I placed myself so deeply within a living, functioning local body that I am functioning in all these ways, and so living as a healthy, cleansed, growing, contributing member of the body of Christ? If your group started reading through the Bible January 1, now and every few weeks check to encourage them to stay up to date. They should be in the Psalms when you end in June, but urge them to finish the year!

January, week 2, or extra, sometime during the year: Discuss, leisurely and meaningfully, 1 Corinthians 13. Ask group members to bring all versions and paraphrases that they can, to compare. Spontaneously along the way, admit personal lacks relating to these verses and be prayed for by someone else on the spot.

January, week 3, Priority Two (see Priorities, Oct., week 1). Exodus 18 and Acts 6: Disciples vs. Committees 1. To relieve leadership, make committees. A. Committees are formed when work loads get too heavy. 1. Moses: Ex. 18:13-23. 2. Apostles: Acts 6:1-4. B. Committees exist for specific tasks. 1. Ex. 18:24-27. 2. Acts 6:5,6. C. Committees are God-ordained, important (Acts 6:7). Great honor to serve God in this way. D. But committees have both dangers and limitations. 1. Danger: They take, not give strength. Can deplete. 2. Limitation: They provide for present need, not future vision. Sterile, nonproducing. a. Moses’ thousands died when that generation died. Never heard of again. b. Board of Deacons of Acts 6 died when those deacons died. 2. To reproduce leadership, make disciples. A. Disciples exist to pass on Christianity by fellowship, example, teaching. 1. Moses with Joshua: Nu. 11:28; Jos. 1:1-3. 2. Elijah with Elisha: 1 Ki. 19:19-21; 2 Ki. 2:9-12. 3. Jesus with Twelve: Mk. 3:13,14. B. Disciples befriend, comfort, strengthen leaders. 1. Joshua with Moses: Ex. 33:7-11. 2. Elisha with Elijah: 2 Ki. 2:1-6. C. Disciples contain the seeds of reproduction, new life. 1. They build for the future: Peter, James, John, leaders of early church in Acts. 2. They nourish and edify; you’re stronger, not weaker, as a result of discipling: Col. 1:28,29. 3. Discipling is God’s master plan to grow and multiply His church: Mt. 28:18-20. 3. If time, examples of each (disciples, committees). A. Moses discipled Joshua, trained his successor, built for the future: Dt. 34:5,9. B. Joshua never discipled anyone – only formed committees: Jos. 18:3,4. C. Contrast end of Moses’ life (end of Dt.) with end of Joshua’s life: Jud. 2:7-10. D. Paul discipled strategic followers: John Mark wrote book of Bible, Mark. Luke wrote two books: Luke and Acts. Timothy pastored the Ephesian (strongest) church.

January, week 4, Priority Two: Three Ways to Handle Others 1. Shape up 2. Pull up 3. Lift up (Terms borrowed from psychologist Sally Folger Dye) 1. Shape up method: useful with preschoolers “You shape up or [threat].” “If you run into the street again I’ll spank you.” “If you talk back to me again I’ll send you to your room.” Most primitive: negative, demeaning: It works! Kids need to know early that sin and pain go together. (Dt. 28:1,15). It’s how later they’ll understand the Cross. 2. Pull-up method: useful for elementary age kids “I will set goals for you. When you achieve them, I’ll reward you.” Still demeaning (you’re in charge) but positive. “If you brush your teeth 7 days in a row, I’ll put sticker on refrigerator.” “If you make your bed 7 days in a row, I’ll give you a dollar on Saturday.” (Pull-up method behind Boy and Girl Scouts.) 3. But when they’re bigger than you, Lift Up method Make yourself lower: “I’m a sinner, too (get specific). Let’s pray for each other.” 1 Pe. 5:6. Make him higher, lifting him, affirming him even before he actually is what you say. “Blessed is the child whose parents’ judgment is based on what the child will some day be.” Study Romans 4:22-24. See that God uses “lift up:” declares us good now, before we are perfect in heaven; “credits” righteousness to us. 4. These three methods are how God has dealt with us In Garden of Eden, Shape up: “avoid this fruit – or die.” Did it work? No. With Israelites, Pull up: “Obey the law – and I’ll give you land in Canaan.” Did it work? No. Offered to all mankind, Lift up: Lowered Himself (through His Son on the Cross) to raise us high. 2 Co. 5:21. Jn. 3:16.

February, week 1, Priority Two: Life Together in the Body Study, discuss, pray over Colossians 3:12-17. Homework: Begin memorizing The Apostles’ Creed to study in three weeks. Copies to each. The Apostles’ Creed: “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried; He descended into hell*; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead. “I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy catholic** Church; the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. Amen.” *Meaning land of the dead rather than place of punishment ** Meaning the Church Universal

February, week 2, Priority Three: Witnessing, Evangelism, Missions 1. Read together Luke 9:12-17. 2. Question: “If we consider the food to be the gospel (the presentation of salvation through Christ), what can we learn about Priority One, how the Lord operates; Priority Two, our responsibility; and Priority Three, what can be the response of unsaved ones?” 3. Give first names of unsaved family, friends, neighbors, coworkers; sentence prayers for each as they are named. Question: Can anyone yet say The Apostles’ Creed?

February, week 3: (Anyone want to say the Apostles’ Creed? Deadline next week) Eight things God does with our sins: 1. Isaiah 43:25 Has blotted them out 2. Isaiah 44:22 Has swept them away like a cloud 3. Psalm 103:12 Has removed them as far as the east is from the west (infinite. From north to south would be measurable.) 4. Isaiah 38:17 Has put them behind His back 5. Micah 7:19 Will tread them all underfoot 6. Micah 7:19 Has hurled them all into the depths of the sea 7. Colossians 2:13 Has forgiven them 8. Hebrews 10:17; Jeremiah 50:20 Will never remember them again Homework: Assign members to study Scriptures and other studies and give 10-mintue reports next time on phrases of the Apostles’ Creed: 1. “…[Jesus] who was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary” 2. “…dead, and buried. He ascended into hell. The third day he rose again from the dead.” 3. “…From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.” 4. “…I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy catholic church….” 5. “…the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.” If there are six members, separate #4 into two.

February, week 4: The Apostles’ Creed Leader give brief history: It grew out of Peter’s confession in Mt. 16:16 and was used in primitive form as testimonies when converts were baptized. The first few centuries it was memorized and passed along but not written down. Separate parts of it were quotes of Ignatius, second century. Early church fathers worked to put our bottom-line beliefs in nutshell form. What we now have in complete form can be traced to the late 400’s A.D.! There are two other ancient creeds, but the Apostles’ Creed “is by far the best popular summary of the Christian faith ever made within so brief a space” (The Creeds of Christendom). Now almost 2,000 years old, it is still said weekly around the world by almost all people of the Christian faith. In America it is quoted weekly in most denominational churches, but, to our shame, most new churches don’t even know it exists. To lose this precious treasure would not only weaken our doctrinal soundness and understanding but would cut us off from historical Christianity and from Christians worldwide. The average church today has a serious case of amnesia! Furthermore, as we wouldn’t “update” an antique piece of art, so we mustn’t try to modernize Christianity’s greatest treasure beside the Bible, but learn what the words meant when they were formed so long ago and pass it untouched to future generations until the Lord comes. Now group members each say the Apostles’ Creed, and then each give ten-minute study reports.

March, week 1, Romans 12:3: Biblical Self-assessment Discuss in turn: 1. How am I different than I was five years ago? 2. How am I the same as I was five years ago? 3. What do I want to remain the same, five years from now? 4. What do I want to be different or see changed in the next five years? Pray around the circle for the dreams and longings for the person on your right.

March, week 2, Husbands and Wives: Eph. 5, 1 Pe. 3 Men: Study and discuss Ephesians 5:21-33, emphasis on vss. 25-31. Also 1 Peter 3:1-8, emphasis on vss. 7, 8. Women: Study and discuss Ephesians 5:21-33, emphasis on vss. 22-24. 1 Peter 2:13, 14, 18; 21-23; 3:1-6,8.

March, week 3, Study of Ephesians for three weeks. Today: Three Generations of Ephesians 1. First generation, 30-something A.D. (Christ had recently died, risen, ascended back to heaven.) A. Acts 18:19-21 They had a hunger to learn. B. Acts 19:1 Paul kept his promise, stayed and preached there several years. C. Acts 19:18-20 Revival! D. Acts 20:17-38 Paul commended them and warned them. 2. Second generation, 60-something A.D. A. Paul writes Ephesian letter to children of those who’d started off in revival. They are grounded and healthy. B. Eph. 1:1-3 Soars off right away into deep doctrine. Ephesians the deepest theologically of all Paul’s letters. C. Eph. 1:18-21 Breadth of knowledge – even future D. Eph. 4:3-6 Unity of the church… E. Eph. 4:11-13… but also diversity of gifts F. Eph. 5:22-32 Marriage; Christ and the church G. Eph. 6:4 Tells parents to bring up godly children. They didn’t! Third generation slipped. 3. Third generation, 90-something A.D., grandchildren of those fired up for Jesus in Acts 19. A. Christ Himself is concerned, writes them a letter: Rev. 2:1-7. B. Vss. 2,3 They’re going through all the outward motions of their parents. C. Vs. 4 But their hearts have gotten cold, and they don’t even realize it, have to be told. D. Vs. 5 Remedy: remember, repent, re-do. Threat if they don’t (lampstand: their church). E. They didn’t! Today no more church. Part of Turkey, radically Muslim. 4. Discussion: What generation Christian are you? How are you raising your children? Prayer. Homework: Assign each to research one doctrine from Ephesians 1 and give ten-minute reports next time: 1. Ephesians 1:4,5: chosen, predestined 2. Vs. 5: adopted 3. Vs. 7: redeemed 4. Vss. 9,10: mystery 5. Vss. 13, 14: marked with seal of Holy Spirit 6. Vss. 18-21: our hope

March, week 4: Read Ephesians, chapter 1, then ten-minute reports. Memorize Ephesians 1:3.

April, week 1, Satan: Ephesians 6:10-18 A. Describe the believer’s warfare, vss. 10-13. B. Describe the believer’s armor. C. Conclusion: the healthy Christian walk (truth, faith, prayer, etc.) staves off the enemy without aggressive battling. We “stand,” unmoved (vss. 11, 13, 14). The battle is the Lord’s.

April, week 2, Holy Week: Memorize 2 Co. 5:21. Group read John chapters 18, 19, stopping for comments or prayer. Refreshments could be bread and water. Pray on knees?

April, week 3: Rest before Work. Memorize Heb. 4:10. A. God’s principle for the day 1. Ge. 1:5 Evening and night first, then daytime. 2. Also vss. 8, 13, 19, etc. God’s order! Turn your mind around! No: start with morning, fall into bed exhausted. Yes: Start with evening, make all preparations for next day, plan bedtime to get eight hours’ sleep, and live the next day prepared and rested. 3. Jewish holidays the same: Lev. 23:32. B. God’s principle for the week 1. Observe carefully the Christians’ Sabbath, the first day of the week: Jn. 20:1. Resurrection Day became Christians’ church day: 1 Co. 16:2. Worship and really rest on first day, with plenty of sleep, to be ready for Monday through Saturday. 2. Remember your Sabbath begins Saturday evening (lay out clothes, make all preparations), to bed for eight hours, so that everybody’s rested to worship! C. God’s principle for the year 1. Leviticus 23: God’s annual holidays for the Israelites, some lasting a week 2. Notice some liturgical, some mourning, some fun 3. Celebrate God’s year! Rejoice over Christmas and Easter, mourn together Maundy Thursday evening (final Passover, which Jesus and disciples observed at night) and Good Friday and Saturday. Observe Lent, if that’s your custom. D. Notice God’s practice of three days’ rest before their major activities or events. 1. Exodus 19:10,11 2. Joshua 1:11 3. Ezra 8:15a, 21 before trip from Babylon to Israel. Vs. 32 rest after trip before settling in. 4. Neh. 2:11 before scouting the city wall to rebuild it. E. Book of Acts full of action! But begins with chapter 1 in prayer and waiting for the Holy Spirit. F. Discuss application to our lives.

April, week 4: Say 23rd Psalm from memory? Read, discuss, pray over this Psalm. Psalm 23 (read responsively) The Lord is my Shepherd – THAT’S RELATIONSHIP! I shall not want – THAT’S SUPPLY! He maketh me to lie down in green pastures – THAT’S REST! He leadeth me beside still waters – THAT’S REFRESHMENT! He restoreth my soul – THAT’S HEALING! He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness – THAT’S GUIDANCE! For His name’s sake – THAT’S PURPOSE! Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – THAT’S TESTING! I will fear no evil – THAT’S PROTECTION! For thou art with me – THAT’S FAITHFULNESS! Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me – THAT’S DISCIPLINE! Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies – THAT’S HOPE! Thou anointest my head with oil – THAT’S CONSECRATION! My cup runneth over – THAT’S ABUNDANCE! Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life – THAT’S BLESSING! And I will dwell in the house of the Lord – THAT’S SECURITY! Forever – THAT’S ETERNITY!

May, week 1, The Next Great Event in History [One out of every 25 verses in New Testament deals with Christ’s second coming.] [There will be a special reward for believers who long for His coming: 2 Timothy 4:8.] A. WHAT will happen next: John 14:1-3. 1. “You” plural: all believers. 2. Discuss vs. 1. B. HOW it will happen: 1 Thess. 4:13-18 1. Vs. 15: No disadvantage to dying! 2. Vs. 16: Voice, trumpet, regal! With great authority! But not heard or seen by unbelievers. We are snatched “in an instant:” 1 Cor. 15:51, 52.. 1 Th. 5:1, 2 says Christ will come for His own like a “thief in the night.” [Later Christ will come openly to reign. As His first coming had many events – birth, life, death, resurrection, etc. – so His second coming will have many events. See Rev. 20, 21, 22.] 3. Avoid sensationalism. It’s fabulous enough! Take it to your heart and be comforted (1 Th. 4:18). C. WHAT DIFFERENCE Christ’s coming makes: 1 John 2:28; 3:1-3 1. Glad anticipation! 2. Gratitude! 3. Concern to be ready, purifying ourselves, not be caught ashamed! 4. Be sure you’re “born again” (John 3:36)!

May, week 2, This Business of Money: Earning, Spending, Saving, Giving A. Earning 1. Where does your money come from? a. Not from job: your job doesn’t know your needs, your emergencies, etc.! b. God alone knows! Mt. 6:11. Ask Him! Pray! c. God owns everything: Ps. 50:9-12. d. He gives or withholds depending on what will make us grow, learn to trust: Dt. 8:2-5. 2. God may even supply through unbelievers a. Egyptians --- Israelites --- tabernacle Ex. 3:21, 22; 12:35,36; 35:4-9. [Where would fleeing slaves, refugees, get materials to build a tabernacle worth millions?] b. Magi ---- Joseph and Mary ---- trip to Egypt Mt. 2:11 Mt. 2:13-15 [Where would a poor young couple get money to flee suddenly to another country and live there for an indefinite period?] 3. Discover first what is God’s will for you. He always finances His will. B. Spending 1. For yourself: necessary, but don’t make it a big deal. 1 Co. 7:29-32a. 2. Borrowing: Pr. 22;7; Dt. 15:6; Ro. 13:8 3. Ultimate spending: 2 Co. 12:15 C. Saving 1. Through the years spend under your income. Your nestegg will grow. Pr. 13:11 2. Spend modestly. Pr. 25:16; 30:7-9 3. Save, yes; hoard, no: Lk. 12:15-21 D. Giving 1. The poor are to give: 2 Co. 8:1-7. 2. The rich are to give: 2 Co. 9:6-9 3. Both hoarding and giving are for ourselves: Mt. 6:19-21. Hoarding fills our earthly bank: we leave it all. Giving fills our heavenly bank: it will be there for us. Givers will be wealthy for eternity. 4. All believers are to tithe. Tithing is paying our rent for the world (air, land, water, etc.). a. Old Testament: Mal. 3:8-12 b. New Testament: Luke 11:42 c. Tithe, but much more! Luke 6:38. God wants us to give heavily to prove we believe His promises. 2 Co. 5:7. 5. Comparatively speaking, we Americans are all rich: 1 Timothy 6:17-19. 6. In discipling, our example counts more than our words! Homework: Bring list of subjects you think important to teach to your future groups.

May, week 3: Discuss homework, read lists, add to them, pray.

May, week 4: What Happens When You Expose God’s People to His Word (when you disciple believers): Nehemiah chapter 8 A. Reading and listening 1. Who was qualified to hear? Vss. 1,2. (Not unbelievers: discipling is not evangelism.) 2. How did they listen? Vs. 3 B. Making the conditions conducive 1. How did they make the reading possible for all to hear? Vss. 4, 5. 2. What induced God’s power in the reading? Vs. 6. C. Interpreting and teaching 1. Is just anybody qualified to teach? Vss. 7, 8. D. Controlling reactions 1. Is excessive emotionalism necessary when the Spirit is working? Vss. 9-11. 2. The people obeyed and rejoiced, v. 12. 3. But they still had unconfessed sins! What spontaneously happened next? 9:1-3. E. Letting God control reactions to His Word 1. Did the leaders now understand their people’s needs and get involved? Vss. 4-6 and following. 2. Genuine revival isn’t whipped up by man; it comes down from God. But looking at Neh. 8:1, what started it all? 3. Pray for revival! Our needs are great. Pray God will work in power when you disciple others in His Word.

June, week 1: Have a meal together? Invite spouses and/or a friend? If usual group is together, why not target each member, one at a time, while the others tell what they love/like about him/her? Then have group prayer for each person. If spouses are together, each couple might tell how they met, fell in love, and married and each give testimony of when they came to Christ. Perhaps you’ll want to set one date next fall to reconvene for accountability and report on your new groups!


A Fresh Start to Your Friendships

Ray and Anne write about what they've learned from their own wide-ranging friendships. As you read this book, you will gain a new appreciation for the people you love, plus fresh and practical motivation to help your friendships flourish. "Ray and Anne are practitioners of the art of friendship. They have been my friends for more than four decades! This book shows us how to cherish our friendships and also challenges us all to reach out, in Christ's name, to develop meaningful and redemptive friendships. Every reader will benefit greatly from observing and applying its sound scriptural principles. When you finish reading it you'll say, 'thank God for friends.'" -Ted Engstrom, former president, World Vision Servant Books, © 2001

Building a Great Marriage

Because the two of you look forward to many happy and fulfilling years together, you need to know how to get your marriage off to a good start. And keep it growing. In this book, Anne presents building blocks for establishing a solid foundation: -dealing with your expectations -getting along with in-laws and your spouse's friends -improving your sex life -joining a local church -keeping your relationship fun and intimate -surviving the storms of daily living -sharing and assigning responsibilities .....and many more aspects of marriage. iUniverse, © 1994, 2002

Children are Wet Cement

Children are like wet cement - moldable and impressionable. In this best-selling book, Anne shows parents how to practice verbal affirmation, a simple yet powerful technique for raising children to be secure, loving adults. She gives specific suggestions for each stage of childhood, from infancy to the teenage years and beyond. Sprinkled with stories of Anne's own childhood and parenting experiences. Won the 1982 Christ Award as Best Marriage/Family Book of the Year. iUniverse, © 1997, 2002

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

A tender-but-tough, back -to-basics message to help you keep your life in focus. Whether you are a new Christian, a long-time believer, or just an inquirer into the faith, the profoundly simple message of this book can help point you toward a more balanced, centered, and purposeful life. Read it for a lift. Read it for a reminder. Read it as a practical guide to every day circumstances or as an insightful study tool. But read it always with an eye toward the Savior it celebrates, the Christ who says: Give me your full attention - I Myself, and I only, hold the answer For every circumstance of your life. Fix your eyes on Me. iUniverse, © 1991, 2001

How Great Our Joy

Ray and Anne's Christmas book the is beautifully illustrated with Old World nativity art. It is filled with personal family memories and meditations for Christmas. "In Matthew 13, He called us a treasure. In Luke 15, He compared us to sheep and promised that the Good Shepherd would go through anything to find even one of us that gets lost! If Christ hadn't come, we'd have never understood the preciousness of one soul - the preciousness of you, our friend - in the sight of God."(p49) Broadman and Holman, © 2001

In His Presence

Awesome yet approachable... Almighty yet intimate... Majestic yet merciful. This is our great God who wants to have fellowship with you. You can walk with Him moment by moment.... You are no stranger to God. He planned for you from before the foundation of the world, and His plan was to be with you. He invites you to realize this presence, to come into continual awareness of it, to be revolutionized by it. Over 25 years ago, Ray and Anne set out to discover what it means to live in the presence of God moment by moment. Now they share their joyous truths they have learned along the way so that you can discover it too. iUniverse, © 1995, 2001

Lord, Make My Life a Miracle

"I REFUSE TO BE AN ORDINARY PASTOR! I REFUSE TO PASTOR AN ORDINARY CHURCH!" With those words Ray stood in front of his congregation and asked them to make a new commitment - a commitment to Christ, to the Body of Christ, and to the world Christ died to save; the 600 people who responded he named The Company of the Committed. Then something happened: a spark set fire to an ember. Within a few years not only this entire church of 3,000 had become a Company of the Committed but so had other Christians, churches, and mission groups around the world. Believers everywhere have discovered that to "eliminate and concentrate," to narrow their focus to these three priorities, becomes powerful, exciting, and transforming. In their classic book, Ray and Anne tell you how the Lord can make your life, your family, your church a miracle. Broadman and Holman, ©2002

Love Me With Stubborn Love

Here is a "how to disciple" book that shows, clearly and practically, how Christians can forge meaningful relations with other members of God's family. It is also a heartfelt "why to" book - a powerful call for a spirit of unity and love within the body of Christ. Drawing on years of experience in churches and small groups, Anne offers valuable specifics on all aspects of small groups. Anne's enthusiasm for the church is expressed so cleverly, so persuasively, that it is bound to be contagious. Includes sample small-group cirricula for discipling men and women. (Formerly titled Discipling One Another. ) iUniverse, © 1979, 2000

My Sacrifice, His Fire

Are you experiencing a lack of energy and enthusiasm in your daily Scripture reading and prayers? Have you grown weary of seeking the Lord because somehow you aren't feeling the warmth of His touch? Has a shadow fallen across your present spiritual journey, dimming the light of His Word? If so, Anne's sensitive and sincere daily devotional writings will encourage you again. The book's title reminds you that your day-by-day "quiet times" are offerings to Him that may seem human and weak -even boring. But when you faithfully, obediently, offer Him what little you have, God's part will be the fire of His glory and power. In Leviticus 9, the Israelite priests just did their important, human thing - preparing their sacrifice and offering it on the altar. But suddenly, says Leviticus 9:24, "Fire came out of from the presence of the Lord and consumed the burnt offering... And when all the people saw it, they shouted for joy..." iUniverse, © 1993, 2001

The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman

With time-tested wisdom, gentle encouragement, and a wealth of practical tips, Anne guides you in developing a beautiful lifestyle that truly honors God in every way. You'll discover no-hassle ways to manage your home and your schedule. You'll learn how to choose personal goals that reflect God's priorities. You'll be inspired to create an inviting home atmosphere for family and friends. Along the way, you'll become a spiritually attuned, deeply other-centered woman God designed you to be. You juggle so many responsibilities in your busy life. It can be difficult to find time for God, too. Anne shows you how to do it with grace and style. When you look in the mirror, you'll see a truly beautiful woman. Complete trilogy of Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, Disciplines of the Heart, and Disciplines of the Home. Inspirational Press, © 1998

Three Priorities for a Strong Local Church

What is the secret of a vital, growing church? The answer Ray suggests in this book is deceptively simple - and life changing. In thirty years of working with churches big and small, he has come to believe that the church comes closest to being what God intended when it structures intself around three priorities: Priority One: Christ Priority Two: The Body of Christ Priority Three: The World This is a must read for ministers, but also for church staff, vestry, elders, counselors, teachers, small-group leavers - anyone who cares deeply about the church of Jesus Christ and what it can be. Wipf and Stock, © 1988

Up With Worship

Do we fail to experience the Presence when we become lost in past successes instead of experiencing God through worship in the now? Up with Worship tackles these issues head-on by giving "how-to" instructions for different worship elements. Dare to take yourself (and your church) into a deeper life of meaningful worship by pursuing God's presence - even to the point you become so thirsty you are "absolutely cotton mouthed." Broadman and Holman, © 2001

You Don't Have to Quit

Whether you are a near-to-burnout business person, an overloaded homemaker, or a student whose assignments have suddenly turned into mountains - there is hope! Anne and Ray offer you techniques for sidestepping the temptation to run when things get too tough. As the Ortlunds guide you step by step through their process, you will learn how to take life's tough situations and turn them into opportunities for achievement and growth. This book tells how to activate a powerful principle that can help you stick it out through your darkest, most trying situations until you emerge victorious. With this principle you can face hard times in your marriage, job, schooling, relationships, and even finances and come out a winner! Thomas Nelson, © 1986, 1988

A Passion for God

Ray Jr. expands upon his book "Supernatural People for Natural Living" to provide prayers and meditations on the Book of Romans. Ray Jr. goes through each chapter of Romans and allows the reader to focus on particular scriptures, pray, and soak in all that God is saying through this book. "This thoughtful paraphrase of Romans, coupled to appropriate heart-felt prayers of response and suitable quotations from Christian leaders of the past, is a fresh, helpful and stimulating approach to the greatest of Paul's letters. It is a book not to be rushed through, but to read carefully and with prayer. Your own prayers of praise and a fuller measure of devotion to God will be an inevitable response" -Dr. James Montgomery Boice Crossway, © 2004

Supernatural Living for Natural People

Romans eight is a favorite of many Christians. Verse after verse of pure spiritual gold. It opens up to us peace with God, the ministries of the Spirit, the urgency of personal reformation, the glory of our eternal inheritance, the power of God's goodness at work in our daily lives and the invincibility of his loving intentions toward us. In this thoughtful and perceptive book Ray, Jr. delves deeply into Romans 8, our appreciation and understanding of the chapter will be thoroughly revitalized. "Romans 8 affirms that what God has begun in us, he will complete. All things work together for our good by thrusting us forward into more of the love of God. That means that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. And what is this love of God, but his work of redemption in our lives? Nothing can ever deprive us of our full joy in God's eternal presence, for God builds no follies." (p149) Christian Focus Publications, © 2001

When God Comes to Church

Ray Jr. explores what the Bible teaches about revival. He explains what God can do to revive his people and what we must do to prepare ourselves for revival. Ray Jr.'s conclusions provide solid guidance for church leaders and laypeople who long for renewal and revival from God. "Here we learn no new techniques about how to snap our fingers to make God come down. We learn to bow down before the wisdom of God and trust that personal revival will precede cultural revival in God's time and by God's Spirit" -Bryan Chapell, president, Covenant Theological Seminary Baker Book House, © 2000

Fearlessly Feminine

Fear is a complex emotion - able to fuel you to strive for greater success, or freeze you in anxious introspection. Jani Ortlund marks the trailhead to freedom from fear's control by leading you to greater understanding of God's design for you as a woman. Discover God's call to freedom from these common sources of fear: Fear of the restraints of biblical femininity Fear of vulnerability in a godly marriage Fear that following God means unfulfilled dreams Fear of sacrifice in building a Christ-centered home Questions for personal or group reflection are included Multnomah, © 2000

His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy

Many Christians view the Ten Commandments as laws they are forced to obey in order to stay on God’s good side. In her book His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy, Jani Ortlund invites readers to look at the Ten Commandments from a different perspective. Ortlund urges believers to recognize the Ten Commandments as a mirror, reflecting our need for God’s cleansing and forgiveness. Throughout the book, each commandment is presented not as another rule to follow, but as an invitation to experience more of God’s love. As readers grasp this knowledge, they are able to experience true freedom in Christ. They will begin to understand how embracing God’s laws and passing them along to future generations offers a needy world a glimpse of the truth of God’s love. Multnomah, © 2007

Noteboook - Get A Little Order to Your Life!

Ray and Anne developed a personal notebook that can help you in the organizing of your personal as well as spiritual life. Included in the standard black binder (5½ x 8½") are: - tabbed and dated month-in-view calendar - dated week-in-view calendar - tabbed alphabetized address pages - tabbed section dividers headed "Goals," "Prayers," "Small Groups," "Bible Studies," as well as a blank tab All materials can be reordered or updated. Individual sheets or sections are also available.

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